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Clear Bright Days - CBD Device - iKON Mimosa - 150mg

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Historians agree that one of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century was that you could combine breakfast and lunch into one meal and make it twice as satisfying. Brunch has proven to be a tasty and popular meal that offers the sweet benefits of breakfast foods, such as belgian waffles, and brings it together with premium drinks, such as mimosas. The mimosa is the ultimate brunch drink, offering the sweet taste of orange and the eye-opening effects of champagne. With Clear Bright Days’ iKON CBD Mimosa disposable vapor pen, brunch’s most important component can be enjoyed anywhere you go! Each pen possesses a 1mL tank and 150mg of a full spectrum CBD extract.

This item is perfect for those who would love to attend brunches and get their mimosa fixes but can’t because of their busy daily schedules. The full spectrum CBD provided in the disposable pen benefits from the “entourage effect,” in which the different compounds present in the extract work together to produce stronger effects in a more efficient manner. Flavorful terpenes have been added to the mix, giving the juice the mimosa flavoring that you have come to crave in the early hours of the day. The pen itself is small and can be transported anywhere, either in a bag or in your pocket.

The iKON CBD Mimosa pen is activated upon inhalation, meaning that there are no buttons to press or switches to flip. Simply bring the pen to your lips and breath in, and a world of orange goodness will flood across your taste buds. A built-in LED light will indicate whether or not the pen has been activated, eliminating any confusion around whether you have inhaled hard enough. To determine your personal serving size, use the pen once and wait an hour before using it again. Focus on the pen’s effects on your body, and adjust your serving size accordingly.

Features: 1mL Tank with 150mL CBD

  • Inhalation activated
  • LED indication
  • Ceramic heating unit

 Ingredients: Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, MCT OIL, Proprietary Blend of Terpenes, Natural Flavors