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Urth CBD - CBD Cartridge - Grandaddy Sleepy - 300mg

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You don’t need to be a grandpa to enjoy this new Vape Cartridge from Urth CBD. You don’t need to be sleepy either, although it’s clearly designed for people who struggle with their sleep patterns. This cartridge induces a tranquil, soothing effect that is ideal for people who have a tough time getting catching Z’s at night. After all, who among us doesn’t need a full eight hours of sleep to be a functioning person the next day? This cartridge has been made with a top-of-the-line ceramic coil that guarantees optimal efficiency – in other words, say goodbye to burnt wicks and superfluously wasted CBD oil, and say hello to the goodness of Urth CBD. It is recommended that Urth CBD customers use this product at night, so as to not provoke any unsolicited feelings of lethargy throughout the day (although we do stress that there are no traces of psychoactive THC here).  These cartridges are available in single quantities or eight packs.