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Hemplucid - CBD Tincture - Whole Plant Water Soluble - 150mg-1500mg

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Ready to kick back and relax with your new favorite daily ritual? Welcome to Hemplucid’s Whole Plant Water Soluble CBD Tincture. It’s safe and easy to use. Without the psychoactive effects of THC, this CBD tincture is made to provide you with all the wonderful lifestyle benefits you’ve come to enjoy from using high-quality CBD as part of your go-to wellness routine. Just as you want to use as much of a vegetable as possible to squeeze out its nutrients, using the whole hemp plant can increase the naturally nutritive qualities of full-spectrum CBD. 

With Hemplucid’s remarkable nanotechnology and use of a vegetable glycerin delivery system, this whole plant CBD tincture is easily bioavailable (that’s a fancy word for “absorbs quickly and efficiently into your bloodstream for maximum effectiveness”), and it also dissolves into your favorite beverage or a simple glass of water.  This thin oil infused with Hemplucid’s whole plant CBD can also be taken sublingually, held under the tongue for at least 30 seconds, then swallowed. No equipment necessary! Plus, in potencies ranging from 150mg up to 1500mg, you can easily customize the CBD tincture experience that is right for you and your busy lifestyle!