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vīb CBD - CBD Tincture - Cool Mint - 1000mg

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To put it simply, mint tinctures are where it’s at. Nobody likes the weird, unwanted aftertastes that are sometimes found in their CBD tinctures, while everyone loves an invigorating peppermint flavor to help wash down the splendid taste of lab-tested cannabidiol. Vīb CBD’s new Cool Mint-flavored cannabidiol tincture contains 1000mg of top-shelf hemp oil extract imbued with a powerful peppermint flavor, which has also been tested for superior potency and safety. It contains absolutely no THC and has been proven to be porous, absorbent and fast-acting. This product is GMO-free and contains no gluten. It has also been manufactured without the added use of pesticides or harmful additives, and is almost entirely natural and organic. Keep out of reach of children and store in a cool, dry place for best results.

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