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Petal - CBD Sleep Tincture - Vanilla - 500mg

by Petal
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Sleep is an essential part of your body's daily cycle, and if you don't manage to get enough sleep every night, your body is going to feel the effects and suffer as a result. Your ability to function optimally is dependant on the condition that your body is in, so reducing your body's capabilities will naturally cause your overall daily functionality. Petal CBD's Vanilla Sleep Tincture is the perfect item for you, and is meant to be taken right before you go to sleep. Combining high-quality CBD and melatonin, this product is essential for those who struggle to fall asleep at a decent hour. Each bottle contains 30mL of tincture oil and 500mg of broad spectrum CBD. Don't let a lack of sleep keep you from performing at the level that you know you're capable of!

This product is meant to be taken immediately before you settle down for the night, and its effects will likely not be felt until 15-30 minutes after consumed. It is an ideal travel buddy as well, offering its services to you when you're on a business trip or spending the night at a friend's house and can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Its bottle is compact enough to fit in virtually any bag or purse, meaning that no overnight excursion has to be endured without this tincture oil. Flavoring is added to reduce the natural hemp taste that accompanies the CBD.

The Petal CBD Vanilla Sleep Tincture Oil is best consumed through the dropper that is provided to you with the purchased bottle. Fill the dropper with 1mL of tincture oil and slowly drip it onto your tongue. For a slightly faster process, drip it underneath your tongue, where it can be better absorbed. Keep the oil in your mouth for up to one minute before swallowing it. The recommended serving size is 1-2mL of tincture oil. To determine your own personal serving size, consume one tincture and see how your body reacts to the CBD. Adjust your serving accordingly.