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Sanar - CBD Tincture - Full Spectrum Boost - 250mg-2500mg

by Sanar
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There are plenty of ways to kick-start your day; a cup of coffee in the morning works just fine for some, while guided meditation before work may satisfy others. For those who savor the wonders of natural cannabidiol, Sanar’s Boost CBD Tincture will provide you with the natural effects that you desire in those trying early hours of the day. This product is definitely designed to be taken early in the day, since it contains a substantial amount of caffeine. That said, you could always use it after a run or after exercising at the gym. Contains over 16mg of natural CBD and 20mg of green coffee extract. Comes with a graduated dropper top, so you can see the exact amount of liquid that you’re putting into your body. This product is free of alcohol and is non-GMO.