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Naked 100 CBD - CBD Vape Juice - Hawaiian POG - 600mg-1200mg

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Hawaiian food and drinks are considered by many to be a step above those found in the continental US. Consisting of animals and fruits found on the island’s, Hawaiian delicatessen is adored by many and has reached other parts of the US through new chain restaurants. One of the more popular drinks to come over from the islands is “Pog,” an abbreviation for the three main fruit that give the drink its distinct flavor: passion fruit, oranges and guava. Naked 100 CBD’s Hawaiian Pog Vape Juice offers this combination of fruit that has slowly begun its takeover of the fruit juice industry. Each bottle contains 30mL of juice and either 600mg or 1200mg of full spectrum CBD, depending on the size of the purchased bottle.

This juice gives you a taste of fruits that reach unprecedented levels of flavor when placed together in a single mixture. Each fruit possesses a sweet tartness that will pique the interest of your taste buds but not stun them to the point of being off-putting. The full spectrum CBD extract found in the juice functions in the background, providing you with all the effects of CBD without being detrimental to the overall fruity flavor. 

The Naked 100 CBD Hawaiian Pog Vape Juice can be used the same way as any other e-juice. Fill the cartridge of your vapor pen with the juice and give it a moment to settle. Then, use the operational instructions that are supplied by your pen to consume the tropical perfection. The recommended serving size is 1mL. In order to determine your personal serving size, you should use the pen a few times, waiting 5 minutes between each use and focusing on the effects that the CBD has on your body.

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