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Wyld CBD - CBD Edible - Raspberry Gummies - 250mg-500mg

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Do you love the taste of raspberries but you’re sad about the short season they have? You’ll fully appreciate this product, because now you can get them all year round! These real fruit gummies will leave your mouth watering and wanting more because of the delicious raspberry taste.

These flavored gummies are lightly dusted with sugar to lift the raspberry taste a little higher. Each gummy is vegan as well as gluten-free, so regardless of your dietary needs, Wyld has you covered! All products and batches are tested by independent labs to ensure transparency and the best quality for every Wyld product; you have their word!

The broad spectrum hemp extract used in this product is USA-sourced and contains no THC. You have a choice between a bottle of gummies that contains 250mg of CBD and one containing 500mg, so you can tailor this product to your desires! Go treat yourself to these delicious Wyld CBD Edible Raspberry Gummies, they’ll instantly become a favorite of yours!

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