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Reef - CBD Edible - Watermelon Gummies - 25mg

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With refreshing, summery watermelon juice, these high-quality hemp CBD gummies are a delightful addition to your daily CBD routine. Sweet and cool watermelon flavor melts in your mouth with every yummy gummy. With real sugar swirled into every batch, your sweet tooth won’t be mad about these tasty treats. And with zero THC, Reef CBD Watermelon Gummies will never make you feel any psychoactive effects… just relaxation, feelings of zen, and your new favorite daily ritual. It’s just like a fun, backyard barbecue in every delicious bite!

Reef CBD prides itself on providing you with an exceptionally delicious, body and mind enriching gummy in every bottle. With 10 pieces of chewy goodness, you’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy all the benefits you’ve come to love from hemp-derived CBD. With a proprietary blend of full-spectrum delivery CBD plus the absorption powerhouse of coconut-derived MCT oil, you can be sure you’re giving your body and mind all the happy and mellow it desires.