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Mint Wellness - CBD Capsules - Sleep Gels - 25mg

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Sleep is an essential function that allows your body to physically and mentally heal itself. Like a phone plugged in to charge for the night, your body needs an adequate amount of time to refuel before getting going again, and if this time isn’t granted to it, it will not be able to run as effectively as possible. Your sleep schedule is crucial, then, for allowing your body to function properly as it faces the rigors of the day. Mint Wellness CBD’s Sleep Gel capsules may provide you with the sleep that you require in order to fully refuel your body. Each bottle contains 30 soft gel capsules, and each of these capsules contains 25mg of broad spectrum CBD and an additional 1mg of melatonin.

While it is easy to say that sleep is too important to skip, it can often be difficult to get your body to actually commit to the act. You encounter numerous distractions throughout the night, such as invitations to parties from friends and games on your phone, and each of these distractions can hinder your body’s ability to rest. This product is perfect for those who find themselves struggling to settle down for the night. The broad spectrum CBD in these soft gel capsules is combined with chamomile and melatonin, two components that may encourage the body to pursue sleep with greater fervor.

The Mint Wellness CBD Sleep Gel capsule can be taken orally, either with or without water. If you are not interested in direct application such as this, you can also place the capsule in your drink and consume it once it has dissolved. The capsules are designed to be incredibly water-soluble, cutting down the amount of time it would take for the capsule to fully dissolve in your drink. The recommended serving size is a single capsule at the end of the day.