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PaperCraneCBD - CBD Tincture - Sho - 500mg

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“Sho” is the Japanese word that translates to “low”. In this case, “low” is meant to denote the mild level of potency in this new cannabidiol Tincture blend from the hardworking folks at Paper Crane CBD. That said, don’t go thinking that these particular drops aren’t effective. It’s just a more minor version of the same proven-to-work product that Paper Crane offers their satisfied customers. These drops –which elicit a minty, refreshing taste that goes easy on your palate – contain 500mg of full spectrum cannabidiol in a shrink-wrapped one-ounce bottle. Contains premium hemp extract, MCT oil derived from palm oil, and unmistakable mint flavor. Shake well before using and store at room temperature for optimum usefulness. It’s all about going “low” to get high – except this product contains no traces of THC, so you won’t be getting high at all!