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Savage - CBD Soft Gels - 25mg

by Savage
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Convenient, discreet, powerful. What more do you want in a CBD product? These Soft Gels from Savage CBD check all the boxes. Also, you’ve got options. The 750mg bottle contains 30 soft gels, at 25mg per serving. There’s also a 200mg bottle available, which has 8 of the lovely little capsules. Each one contains Savage CBD’s full-spectrum extract, which comes from U.S. harvested, industrial quality hemp. They insist on third-party testing their ingredients, from seed to final product, and triple-check the potency to make sure you’re getting the amount of CBD it says on the package, every time. Experience the amazing properties of a full spectrum CBD, without the psychoactive effects of THC, with these easy-to-consume soft gels.


Gelatin, Water, Opacifier, Glycerin, Full Spectrum CBD Oil.