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Time Bomb Extracts - CBD Vape Juice - Pixy - 250mg-1000mg

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When you are vaping the same flavor, things can get plain boring. To help your dilemma, Time Bomb Extracts has gone out of their way to create a flavor to stand out from the rest. If you have a sweet tooth and feel like your vape liquids could use a boost, this could be your new favorite product. PIXY is a flavor that gives a sugary taste then hits you with an uppercut of grape to the face. This fun-filled, flavor-packed CBD vape flavor is meant to be a part of your vape isolate stash.

This vape juice is very easy to use and even easier to take with you wherever you need to go. PIXY can even be mixed with other E-liquids for you to experiment with! Now you never have to worry about getting bored again! Time Bomb Extracts E-liquid can be used in any vape device.

Suggested Use: Unscrew the top and pinch the tube directly into the vape of your choice. Carefully put the cap on when finished after filling your vape and keep it stored in a cool and dark place to allow the CBD to last as long as possible. Look at you— about to be the new owner of (we’d like to say) the funnest flavor on the market!

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