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Reef - CBD Vape Juice - Pipeline - 250mg-1000mg

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Ask any surf enthusiast where the most killer barrels live and they’ll probably say “Banzai Pipeline, brah.” Located on the North Shore of the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, this famous location has been home to some of the most epic waves in history and the bravest, most courageous surfers willing to charge 10-25 foot waves over a super shallow reef. In order to surf such monsters, you have to be chasing the sweeter moments in life while keeping your cool… Pipeline's the perfect name for Reef CBD’s arctic blue raspberry flavored vape juice! Instead of catching giant waves on a board, you’ll catch the stoke-worthy effects of the highest quality CBD. Plus, without the psychoactive properties of THC, you’ll never have to worry about feeling a little something extra. Rad! 

With a proprietary blend of high-quality, broad spectrum hemp extract, this blue raspberry and hint of menthol flavored, smooth as silk vape liquid delivers all the awesome properties premium CBD has to offer. And in potencies of 250mg to 1000mg, you can easily customize your CBD vape experience. Other ingredients include vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and natural and/or artificial flavorings. This tasty vape juice can be used in any vape device, and is recommend for wattages of 20-40 watts. 

Treat yourself to a delightful naturally flavored cannabinoid experience with Reef CBD Pipeline Vape Juice!