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Petal - CBD Tincture - Bubble Gum - 500mg

by Petal
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If you’re someone who enjoys tinctures, you have one or two options: you can go the unflavored route, or you can explore the myriad of enticing tastes that come with experience of ingesting CBD oil orally. Petal’s new Bubblegum-flavored CBD Oil is now available in a practical 500mg bottle; full of taste so sweet you’ll swear you were dropping liquid candy into your mouth! You may not get to blow a bubble, but the bubblegum taste is most certainly there. This product is meant to be dropped under the tongue once or twice a day, or added to food and beverages to provide a saccharine, honeyed flourish to otherwise bland dining options. Comprised of medium chain triglyceride oil extracted from fractionated coconut oil, pure CBD, and, of course, bubblegum flavor. Contains no traces of THC or any psychoactive elements.

Ingredients: MCT Oil (pure fractionated coconut oil), Pure CBD (cannabidiol), Flavoring

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