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Cozy - CBD Tincture - Original - 1000mg

by Cozy
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While some users enjoy CBD tinctures when they’re flavored with fruit terpenes or essential oils, Cozy knows that there are still purists out there who want to be able to taste the natural earthiness of their hemp oil. With Cozy’s Original CBD Tincture, you’ll be getting just that; nothing but unflavored CBD and MCT oil. 

Extracted from USA-grown hemp, Cozy’s CBD oil is third-party lab tested to ensure its purity and potency. Each 30mL dropper bottle contains a powerful 1000mg of pure CBD oil combined with MCT oil for better absorption into the bloodstream. In this way, the Cozy Original CBD Tincture is sure to satisfy your CBD desires, no matter how strong they may be. Derived from coconuts, MCT oil stands for “medium chain triglycerides,” which make CBD much more bioavailable. It also provides healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Plus, in full spectrum expression, Cozy CBD Tinctures provide all the helpful cannabinoids you’ve come to know and love. 

This unflavored CBD tincture can be enjoyed two ways. You can either consume it sublingually by dripping a desired serving under your tongue, holding it for 30 seconds then swallowing, or you can simply drip it into your favorite beverage.