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AndHemp - CBD Topical - No-Rinse Pet Shampoo - 300mg

by AndHemp
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You love your pet, there is no denying that fact; everything they do makes you laugh and appreciate them even more. Well, everything except their behavior during bathtime, that is. Some animals love baths and are more than willing to sit still as you wash them, but many others can be unruly and make the whole ordeal much more stressful than it needs to be. AndHemp’s No-Rinse Pet Shampoo provides an easy solution to the problems faced when washing an animal. The bottle contains 210mL of shampoo and 300mg of CBD. The shampoo already contains distilled water, and since there is no need to rinse your pet after washing him, there is no need to fear about him barreling past you to fling water all over your home or backyard. 

Countless pet owners face the same set of issues with their pets when bath time comes around. This product is especially beneficial if your pet gets anxious when you try to give him a bath. The broad spectrum CBD that is present in the shampoo may reduce your pet's worry about bath time, further improving the experience for both the animal and owner. The broad spectrum CBD benefits from the “entourage effect,” in which the different hemp extracts work together to be more effective and efficient. This product strives to keep your pet calm and to keep you from engaging in a chase around the yard after loosening your grip on his collar.

Use this no-rinse shampoo the same way you would use any other pet shampoo. Apply directly to the fur of the animal and scrub for as long as you deem fit. Then, let the shampoo dry and you are good to go. The CBD will be absorbed and benefit your pet immensely. Cleaning your pet has never been so easy!