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California Grown - CBD Gummies - Broad Spectrum Napa Nectar - 50mg

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Gummies are still the most fun and accessible way of enjoying cannabidiol for many regular CBD users. California Grown knows this, and they’re committed to manufacturing real-deal Golden State products made with integrity and love. Napa Nectar is the new gummy flavor from the folks at California Grown, and cannabidiol savants across the pacific coast should be jumping for joy at this announcement. This product contains two 25mg chewy mango-flavored gummies (making 50mg in total), ideal for use throughout the day or night.

Contains approximately .15mg of other cannabinoids (including CBG and CBN). Any traces of THC have been removed from this product. Keep out of reach of children and avoid exposing to extreme temperatures (namely, heat) for best results. This product has also been verified pure via lab report to ensure that it is safe to enjoy.

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