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KushyCBD - Pet CBD Topical - Vital Support - 1050mg

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CBD for pets! Need we say more!? Okay, perhaps a bit more. Whether your dog barks at the mailman, or your cat cowers under the covers at the sound of approaching footsteps, your pet was hardwired with survival instincts that sometimes run counter to domestic living. Or perhaps they are dealing with a pain issue. Poor guys. Give them a boost with CBD Pet Oil containing 1050 mg CBD per bottle. Featuring the purest of full spectrum CBD oil, this product is blended with the highest quality antioxidants — which contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Don’t let the look of the tincture fool you, your pets will love it’s rich herbal flavor.

  • 1050mg CBD per tincture
  • 0mg THC
  • Works great for Pets, Animals and Humans

How to Use: First and most importantly, shake well before use. Each pet has different CBD needs, so start with a smaller dose and work up to establish daily standard. The general guideline is 2-5 mg of CBD per 10 lbs of your pet. Mix with other supplements or into food. Consult with a vet for nursing or pregnant pets. Administer every 8 hours or as needed.