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Krypted CBD - CBD Concentrate - Sunset Watermelon Isolate Powder - 1 Gram

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The sweet, soft notes of the watermelon are a staple of summertime eating, and are the perfect treat to munch on as you watch the sun sink below the horizon. Easy to prepare and a pleasure to eat, watermelon has everything that you would want in a healthy snack. Krypted CBD’s Sunset Watermelon CBD Isolate Powder contains ingredients that allow it to accurately deliver a wave of watermelon flavor with each and every use. 1g of this isolate powder comes in each package, ensuring that your experience is as potent as it is pure. CBD isolate is a hemp extract that contains nothing but CBD, eliminating all other terpenes and cannabinoids that are found within the hemp plant. Terpenes are then added into the powder to give it a virtually perfect watermelon flavor.

Krypted’s CBD isolate powder is designed to dissolve into a CBD oil for consumption. There are several ways to enjoy an isolate powder, one of which being to consume it directly. Take a portion of the powder and place it in your mouth, under your tongue. Wait 30-60 seconds so that the powder can dissolve into an oil, then swallow all of it. It will act similar to a tincture oil and will absorb better than most other edibles. 

If you are interested in a more indirect application of the powder, you can add it to the food or drink of your next meal. Apply a portion of powder to your food and then mix it all together until you feel that the powder is successfully dispersed. You can do the same for your drink, and while a warm drink will allow the powder to dissolve faster, cold drinks will work with it as well.

Once dissolved, this powder can also be vaporized. Fill the tank of your vapor pen with the liquid form of this powder, then follow the operational instructions of your pen in order to safely inhale it.

Ingredients: Blend of USP Kosher grade PG and VG, 99.5% PURE Industrial Hemp Isolate, Artificial fruit flavoring
Suggested Uses: Dabbing is the main use, however Krypted flavored isolates can be dissolved in warm liquids or directly under the tongue. They can also be inhaled using a vaping method.