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HempMeds - CBD Topical - Purifying Hemp Shampoo

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Does normal shampoo leave your scalp feeling itchy or irritated? Are you looking for a healthy and cost-effective therapeutic alternative to store-bought pharmacological shampoo? HempMeds’ new CBD-infused shampoo – made from a potent mixture of argan oil and goji berry extracts, plus HempMeds’ own replenishing signature cannabidiol – has got you covered. Leave your scalp feeling hydrated and nourished with this lab-tested, customer-approved formula.

HempMeds’ formulated CBD blend is also color-safe, meaning you can preserve the luscious color of your hair without worrying that it will wash out in the shower. This product features 100% organic natural/herbal ingredients, with no sulfates, paraben preservatives, or artificial dyes added to the mix. This product stimulates hair follicles for a deep, cleansing wash, leaving your hair in better shape than ever before. HempMeds’ CBD Shampoo is also a great source of fatty acids and antioxidants in addition to being free of detergents and dyes. It’s also a surefire way to give your hair bounce and volume without any of the compromises that come with the additive-riddled, mass-produced alternative. With over 20mg of HempMeds’ trademark CBD.