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ENVY CBD - CBD Topical - Unscented Face Cream - 100mg

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Time is forever moving, and there is no way to stop or even slow it. That’s bad news for your skin, whose fragile state is constantly being challenged by the forces of the world. While contaminants and physical work chip away at your skin’s smoothness, time quietly follows suit without you noticing. What if there was a way for you to turn back time and regain that beautiful skin that you thought you had lost so long ago? Envy CBD’s Unscented Face Cream combines CBD and other ingredients often found in facial creams to create the ultimate skincare product. Each bottle contains 50mL of cream and 100mg of full spectrum CBD. This product is a force to be reckoned with, containing nothing but high quality ingredients.

Accompanying the full spectrum CBD is a plethora of ingredients and vitamins that function as skincare remedies. Organic aloe juice hydrates the skin and contains antioxidants that promote the treatment of acne. The grapeseed oil found in the cream contains vitamin E, which reduces inflammation and promotes eye health. Organic pumpkin seed oil provides hefty portions of vitamins A, C, E and K, which protect your cells from damage and promote improvements to vision and immune system. With all ingredients working toward the same goal of improved skincare, this is the optimal face cream for anyone who is interested in entering the world of CBD topicals. A moderate level of CBD is contained in the cream, meaning that those without experience will still be able to apply it without having to worry about overuse. 

It is recommended that you apply the Unscented face cream at least twice per day. Apply it to your face and neck in the morning and then repeat this process in the evening, after you’ve already cleansed. This application schedule is heavily dependant on your own cleansing schedule, so adjustments will likely need to take place to better suit your personal needs.