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Proleve - CBD Device - CCell Vape Pen Battery

by Proleve
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Why risk a dead vape pen battery when you least expect it when you can acquire a dependable, affordable, flexible battery from one of your most trusted CBD sources? Proleve’s Ccell Vape Pen Battery is all of those things and more. 

Dependable - rechargeable with its accompanying Proleve Vape Pen Battery USB charger, and backed by a one-year warranty! 

Affordable – for the price of two fancy coffees, this vape pen necessity won’t break the bank.

Flexible – while the Proleve Ccell Vape Pen Battery is ideal to use with you Proleve vape device, its standard 510 threaded design will be compatible with any vape pen of your choosing. Plus, it automatically activates upon inhale without any need to turn it on or adjust the temperature.  

Using Proleve’s CCell Vape Pen Battery is also good for the environment. Now you can affordably replace disposable vape pens that are usually lower on the price point than refillable pens with a Proleve or other vape device that is compatible with this handy dandy rechargeable battery.