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HUGS - CBD Edible - Gummies - 10mg

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There are so many CBD gummies available today that may have great, high-quality CBD involved... but they probably also have less desirable ingredients like corn syrup. Fear not: Hugs has formulated a new kind of gummy that offers you all the properties you want from a broad spectrum CBD gummy, that's also free of artificial ingredients!

Say hello to a new kind of gummy from Hugs CBD. With 10 mg each, these tasty, chewy treats offer you a delicious way to ingest your daily CBD. In three assorted flavors of grape, orange, and lemon, you’ll always have a sweet surprise when you reach for one of these high-quality gummies. 

With no artificial sweeteners, no sugar, and broad spectrum CBD, these gummies from Hugs CBD are an easy and effective way to elevate your plant-based quality of life while on-the-go, or at home relaxing. With 30 pieces per bottle, you’re getting 300mg of Hugs’ CBD with each container. 

With no THC, these gummies won’t ever affect your mental clarity, but they might just elevate your lifestyle and quality of life in every delicious bite. Review are in, and these gummies have generated fans that are looking for a more natural, less sweet, non-coated CBD gummy.

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