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OG Labs - CBD Pet Tincture - Cat Pet Oil - 1000mg

by OG Labs
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Kitties are the best. They’re adorable, fluffy, snuggly, and seem to be a bottomless pit when it comes to cat food. But what about when your feline homie needs a natural lifestyle boost? Why not offer your pet the same experience you enjoy from using full-spectrum CBD for an all-natural moment? With OG Labs CBD Pet Oil derived from the highest quality hemp, your little meowingtons will enjoy the same experience as humans, while slurping down this tasty salmon-essenced oil. 

Your furry friends deserve the highest quality experience, and with this safe, affordable, easy to use and legal CBD Oil that’s exactly what they’ll feel.

OG’s CBD Pet Oil for Cats is designed for both large and small cats, and may be able to help aid in providing support for your kitty’s overallwellness. Made in the United States, OG Labs CBD products are always made from plants that are non-GMO and pesticide and herbicide free. THC? Never. So you can rest assured your little precious won’t be getting the munchies. That being said, good luck keeping Felix away from the tantalizing seafood taste of this high-quality CBD Oil!