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Ignite CBD - CBD Disposable Vape - Apple Berry - 250mg

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For many, fruit has been the key to a healthy diet, replacing junk food as the chosen midday and late night snack. It has continued to grow in popularity in its liquid for as well, highlighted by the rise in cider and fruit smoothie consumption. Ignite CBD’s Apple Berry disposable vapor pen combines the natural sweetness of a ripe apple and the juicy vibrance of a bowl of berries to create an extremely refreshing flavor. Each pen possesses a tank containing 250mg of broad spectrum CBD. This CBD benefits from an effect in which other compounds of the hemp extract make it work more effectively. The CBD is accompanied by a host of terpenes and natural flavorings that give the vapor its fruity taste and scent.

This vapor pen adopts a humble appearance: fully black coloring, with the word “Ignite” running down one side. Its simplicity ends here, as it supplies you with an experience that effectively takes a hold of your entire body. Winner of “Best CBD Vape Pen” at the High Times Cannabis Cup, this product has been thoroughly tested and is guaranteed to provide you with an improvement to the quality of your day.

To use the Ignite CBD disposable vapor pen, simply pull from the pen. It takes advantage of  auto-draw technology that allows you to use it without having to hold down any buttons. Inhaling for three seconds before moving your mouth away from the pen will result in you consuming approximately 1-2mg of CBD, which are absorbed into your system very quickly because of their introduction in vapor form. As is the case with all disposable pens, this tank is not refillable or interchangeable with others. Once you use up the tank’s contents, you simply discard the entire vapor pen. Personal serving size is up to you, but it is recommended that you pull from the pen once and see how it makes you feel before making any adjustments.