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PaperCraneCBD - CBD Vape Tincture - Zunoo Meiseki - 1000mg

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We’ll bet that, unless you’re a native or non-native Japanese speaker, you don’t know the Japanese word for clarity. Hot tip: it’s “Zunoo Meiseki,” which also happens to be the name of Paper Crane’s new alternative Vape Tincture product. This e-liquid has been engineered for use with all vape and universal pen devices, though its ingredients (VG, PG, and cannabidiol isolate) are all food-grade. It is highly recommended that you mix this tincture blend with existing e-liquid to maximize flavor and effectiveness. Think of it as an additive to be used with your favorite vape flavors! If you want to use tinctures without a vape, give any of Paper Crane’s other terrific products (Chiku, Bai, or Sho) a try. However, if you’re more into vaping, Zunoo Meiseki is the product for you. Store at room temperature and shake well before using. Keep out of reach of children.