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Hemplucid - CBD Concentrate - Whole Plant Wax - 200mg

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Hemp plants are a thing of beauty. Tall stalks of bright green, slender leaves beckon. Purple-ish, hoary buds spring up between the leaves as if to support them directly. You too can experience the support of this remarkable plant in its entirety with Hemplucid’s CBD Concentrate. This Whole Plant Wax contains 200 mg of whole plant, full-spectrum CBD. An ultra-refined, golden wax is produced from Hemplucid’s CO2 extraction process. By meticulously using the whole plant in this process, Hemplucid offers you a vibrant, potent, effective CBD wax that also includes the fats and fibrous materials the hemp plant is known for.

With this product, you won’t miss a single terpene, cannabinoid, or other nutritive element hemp has to offer. If dabbing is your favorite way to enjoy the awesome lifestyle benefits high-quality CBD can bring you, then Hemplucid’s fast-acting and potent CBD Concentrate Whole Plant Wax is the perfect product to suit your needs. Unlike simple CBD isolates, whole plant concentrate ensures that you’re experiencing the best hemp has to offer. 

NOTE: This product is designed for use in a wax rig, or a modified vaporizer. Hemplucid Wax is not edible.