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VT-CBD Goods - CBD Edible - Spearmint Awake Strips - 25mg

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We all know how important mint strips can be throughout our day. They can help your mouth to feel clean, provide an injection of fresh, minty goodness, or simply give that much-needed jolt of energy we all need midway through the workday. If you’re looking for something that will keep you alert and AWAKE, have a look at these great-tasting, fast-acting new caffeine-enhanced CBD Spearmint Strips from VT-CBD Goods. This product comes with ten strips to a pack, with cannabidiol that is proven to dissolve under the tongue in remarkably fast time. These strips also come in a compact pack, meaning you can take them wherever you wish and use them on the go.  These tasty, strongly flavored strips contain zero traces of THC, but rest assured… they’ll keep you on your toes, guaranteed.