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Vibe Co - CBD Edible - Icy Mint Chewing Gum - 10mg

by Vibe Co
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When’s the last time you found yourself out and about and had to do a quick “breath check,” only to wish you had a fresh stick of evergreen gum to make your breath smell great? We’ve all been there. What you may not know is that the resplendent joys of cannabidiol are now available in edible chewing gum form, thanks to companies like Vibe Co. The brand’s Icy Mint Chewing Gum is absorbed quickly, showing off its high bioavailability and meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the effects of this product faster, with no waiting around. For those of you who love edible products but aren’t into capsules or tinctures, you can’t do better than this. This premium product is filled with rich nutrients, as well as stevia, malitol, isomalt and 10mg of lab tested industrial hemp oil extract. Use only if the foil seal is intact and keep out of the reach of children. Not for use if you happen to be pregnant. This product contains eight tablets of gum, with 10mg of CBD per stick.