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vīb CBD - CBD Device - Cool Mint Awaken Disposable Vape Pen - 250mg

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There are many benefits to using a disposable pen as opposed to continually buying cartridges for a universal vape device. For one, some cartridges are prone to malfunction, while others contain liquid or oil that isn’t ready to burn immediately. Vīb CBD has some of the finest disposable pens on the market, available in a variety of heady, incredible flavors. Their new Cool Mint Disposable, titled “Awaken,” will help you take the edge off with a frosty taste that will leave you feeling cucumber-cool. Each disposable pen is pre-loaded with 0.5mL of lab-tested, totally pure CBD oil. This product has been manufactured with almost 100% pure CBD isolate, containing no THC or GMO’s. It has been third-party tested by trusted professionals in a laboratory setting to ensure quality and top-tier strength.

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