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Ignite CBD - CBD Tincture - Unflavored Drops - 350mg-1000mg

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Sometimes, you don’t need any of the fruity or candy-like flavors added to the majority of tincture oils. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with the flavors; there’s a time and place for them as well, but at the moment, your interests are in enjoying the natural flavors present by the cannabis plant. Ignite CBD’s Unflavored Drops tincture oil provides you with the herbal flavors that all-natural, hemp-derived CBD has to offer. MCT oil introduces fatty molecules that are easy for the body to digest, and the inclusion of stevia further assists in making the oil easier to consume. While they have important roles in the product, neither ingredient has a noticeable impact on the overall taste. A pure hemp experience is only moments away with this product!

Since the oil doesn’t carry a flavor other than that of its hemp extract, it can be consumed at any time of day. Whether you would prefer to take it as part of your morning routine or as a nightly treat for your body, this tincture oil is poised to satisfy your desires. Additionally, as a result of its unflavored nature, the oil can be placed on virtually any food or drinks. While fruity tincture oils are geared toward sweet drinks and mint-flavored ones are better for candy and chocolate treats, the unflavored tincture can be added to anything without it having a serious impact on the way the meal tastes

To use Ignite CBD’s Unflavored Drops tincture oil, fill the oral applicator that comes attached to the bottle with 1mL of oil. Slowly drip the oil into your mouth, then let it sit for 30-60 seconds before swallowing it. To achieve more efficient absorption, drip the oil under your tongue and allow it to be partially absorbed sublingually before being ingested. If you prefer a less direct method of application, you can drip the tincture oil onto the food or drink of your next meal.

Ingredients: All-natural, hemp-derived CBD oil, Fractionated coconut oil (MCT)

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