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Ignite CBD - CBD Disposable Vape - Tropical Fruit - 250mg

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Tropical fruits are loved the world over, whether it be because of their juicy sweetness or their impressive abundance. Everyone loves a good mango, and the thought of items such as passion fruit and guava make our mouths water. These fruits have an allure unlike any other, but what if there was a way to enjoy them as a vapor instead having to physically eat them? Ignite CBD’s Tropical Fruit Disposable Vape Pen has just the product, offering the flavors of several tropical fruits in a blend that you will not soon forget. Each pen’s tank contains 250mg of broad spectrum CBD. These tanks cannot be refilled or replaced, but don’t fret; every pull is given a little extra “oomph” of CBD as a result. When the tank is empty, you can simply discard the entire product and return to to buy several more pens of this flavor.

This disposable vapor pen exemplifies the ease of use that Ignite’s products are known for. You don’t need to worry about any extra steps with this product, such as filling its tank with vape juice or pressing its activation button the correct amount of times. You just pull and go, as simple as that. It is small enough to be taken virtually anywhere with you, fitting into most pockets and easily being stored in any bag or purse. 

The Ignite CBD Tangerine Disposable Vapor Pen possesses an auto-activation system that is designed to trigger as soon as you do inhale, delivering a sustained stream of vapor until you move your mouth away from it. There are no buttons that need to be pressed to turn the pen on or off, as is often the case with other pens. This function gives the pen a more streamlined approach and allows it to preserve some of its finite lifespan by only priming itself to work when you activate it, burning through less battery power. Each 3-second pull from the pen will produce a 1-2mg serving of CBD, making it easy to get a sizable helping in no time at all. To determine how much of the pen’s contents you should consume in one serving, take a 3-second pull and gauge the way that it made you feel. Keep doing this until you reach a point of contentment, and set that as your new serving size.

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