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Reef - CBD Vape Juice - The Wedge - 250mg-1000mg

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California’s “The Wedge”, originally called "the hook" in the 30's and renamed "wedge" in the 60's, this break is best known for the 30 ft wall you can catch, if you're brave enough. We had to come up with a flavor to fit the name, and we think we hit the mark with watermelon-menthol. Just like surfing The Wedge, when the watermelon breaks you're left with a cooling sensation. This flavor starts mellow on the front end and finishes big.

Full Description

The Wedge by Reef CBD Vape Juice features an ice cold wedge of summer watermelon, freshly thawed and bursting with icy refreshment. Each melon was harvested in the heat of the morning sun, then stuffed into a freezer to ensure a blast of icy flavor in every bite. This swollen melon was tediously carved into thick wedges, fat and juicy and dripping with icy slush. The melon flavor was carefully scooped into a 30mL bottle and offers that same delicious refreshment as all those summer barbeques over the years.

Crafted for fruit lovers everywhere, the Wedge brings an icy menthol flavor that is cooling, sweet, and highly desirable. In addition to being cold and sweet and juicy, each bottle of this flavor is infused with a powerful punch of CBD, allowing you to relax and truly enjoy this masterpiece of an e-liquid. CBD has long been known for its healing properties and helps people who suffer from depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and much more. Even though the weather might be hot and the sun may be unbearable, there’s a cloud of icy watermelon refreshment waiting to cool your vape taste buds and calm you down, all made possible by The Wedge by Reef CBD Vape Juice!

Ingredients: Proprietary blend Broad spectrum hemp extract oil, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and natural and/or artificial flavorings.

Suggested Use: Wattage from 20-40 watts, can be used in any vape device.