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Ignite CBD - CBD Disposable Vape - Tangerine - 250mg

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The tangerine is the close relative of the mandarin orange, and while its shares many features with its orange forefathers, it possesses other attributes that set it apart. Its citrus taste is to be expected, but the honey-tinted scent gives it a smoothness that many other orange variants simply do not have. This smoothness gives the tangerine an advantage over its relatives, and explains why the fruit has such exceptional popularity. Ignite CBD’s Tangerine Disposable Vapor Pen captures all the benefits of the tangerine and combines it with a hefty serving of CBD. Each pen’s tank contains 250mg of broad spectrum CBD, and while it cannot be refilled or replaced, this tank guarantees a strong pull every time.

This pen is perfect for use in the summer months as a refreshing break from the burning hot sun. Summer can be brutal in some places, with heat that seems to only ever intensify instead of simmer down. A serving or two of tangerine flavored vape juice would work to cool down your taste buds and offer some momentary escape from the day’s heat. Of course, there really isn’t ever a bad time to enjoy this product; the taste of tangerine is just as satisfying in October and November as it is in August.   

To use the Ignite CBD Tangerine Disposable Vapor Pen, all you have to do is place it between your lips and inhale. The pen’s auto-activation system is designed to trigger as soon as you do this, delivering a sustained stream of vapor for as long as you are inhaling. There are no buttons that need to be pressed to turn the pen on or off, as some other pens tend to have. This function gives the pen a more streamlined approach and allows it to preserve some of its finite lifespan by only priming itself to work when you activate it, burning through less battery power. Each 3-second pull from the pen will produce a 1-2mg serving of CBD, making it easy to get a sizable helping in no time at all. To determine how much of the pen’s contents you should consume in one serving, take a 3-second pull and gauge the way that it made you feel. Keep doing this until you reach a point of contentment, and set that as your new serving size.

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