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Dixie Botanicals - CBD Topical - Surface® Sunscreen SPF50 - 100mg

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Sure, we all need to lather up and use sunscreen before we hit the beach for a day of relaxation, reading, and tasty waves. But did you know that many storebought sunscreen lotions don’t actually protect against UVA rays, and many of them contain chemicals that are proven to be harmful to your skin? With that in mind, consider Dixie Botanical’s skin-nourishing CBD-infused SPF50 Sheer Touch Sunscreen. This water-resistant formula offers the best of both worlds: the protective ingredients of the finest sunscreen, as well as the benefits of CBD.

Each 4oz bottle contains 100mg of cannabidiol made of entirely natural CBD isolate, plus a lovely Tropix aroma comprised of fruity flavors like guava, coconut, and mango. This is a vegan product that you can easily slip into a tote bag or backpack, and the light, hydrating formula is easy on your skin. Perfect for those who prefer physical activities at the beach – volleyball, tossing a football around, etc. – or those who simply want to kick it under the welcoming shade of a giant umbrella.