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Highmerica - CBD Vape Tincture - Strawberry Cough - 550mg

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Nothing about this Highmerica CBD Vape Tincture will bring on a cough... although the plant terpene found in this great formula from Highmerica IS from the well-known cannabis strain Strawberry Cough! 

As you probably know, cannabis contains a myriad of compounds used for a myriad of purposes. THC, the psychoactive compound found I the cannabis plant, is NOT found in this CBD Vape Tincture with Strawberry Cough terpenes… you won’t experience any mind-altering effects whatsoever with this vape tincture. 

What will you experience, you ask? Just the exceptional nutritive power of CBD plus the subtle strawberry flavor found in Strawberry Cough terpenes to satisfy your taste buds while you enjoy you daily CBD vape.

Highmerica processes only the highest grade of organic, industrial hemp grown in the US. Using a CO2 extraction process, Highmerica ensures that the CBD oil that goes into their vape tincture is pure and simple broad spectrum CBD. With the perfect balance of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, and never any diacetyl or Nicotine, you’re getting the very best CBD and terpene experience money can buy. 

With 550mg of CBD in each 30mL bottle, and compatibility with any and all e-devices, you’ll enjoy potency and convenience with this Strawberry Cough CBD Terpene Vape Tincture from Highmerica!

Ingredients: USP certified Propylene Glycol, USP certified Vegetable Glycerin, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 550 mg, Strain Specific Terpenes