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Knockout CBD - CBD Vape Juice - Strawberry - 250mg-500mg

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Never be without your favorite fruit flavors again with Knockout CBD’s line of fruit-flavored vape juices! This brand’s Strawberry Vape Juice offers all the same sweetness as the fruit it is named after, plus the increased mobility provided by a vape juice. Whether you are relaxing at home or are out running errands, you will only be seconds away from enjoying the tastes and smells of your favorite fruit. Each bottle contains 30mL of the vape juice and either 250mg or 500mg of high-quality, organically grown CBD, depending on the size of the bottle that you have chosen to purchase.

Vape juice is an incredibly mobile CBD product, being contained in bottles that can be stored anywhere from the glove compartment of your car to the drawstring bag that you bring with you to the gym. Once you’ve gotten your hands on a bottle of this juice, you will never have to spend another day without the wonderful fruit flavors that you love so much! Alongside the CBD hemp extract, glycerin and glycol join forces to make the juice more bioavailable and easier to inhale, as well as give the clouds your produce a boost in size and volume. Added flavorings provide the strawberry flavors found in the juice, and all of the ingredients found in this product are completely safe to consume. 

Knockout CBD Strawberry CBD Vape Juice is designed for use with standard sub-ohm vaping devices. Simply fill the tank of your vapor pen with this juice and follow the operational instructions provided by your pen to begin enjoying this sweet strawberry blend. You do not need to worry about spilling any juice when you fill up, because each bottle has an anti-spill squeeze bottle structure. There is no recommended serving size for this product. To determine your personal serving size, take one pull from your pen and wait for the CBD to take effect. Once you have accurately gauged the effects of CBD that you feel, you can adjust your serving size.