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Ignite CBD - CBD Disposable Vape - Spearmint - 250mg

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Alongside its close relative peppermint, spearmint is one of the most iconic flavors found in winter treats. With a cool scent almost identical to peppermint but a taste that is much sweeter, spearmint offers a welcoming flavor for anyone wishing to enjoy a treat in the winter months. The Ignite CBD Spearmint Disposable Vapor Pen combines this popular dessert flavoring with high-quality CBD to create the ultimate winter vape. Each pen possesses a tank containing 250mg of broad spectrum CBD. These tanks cannot be refilled or replaced, but instead offer an increase in the amount of CBD that you consume per use. As is always the case with disposable vapor pens, once its tank is empty you can simply discard the entire product. Unless, of course, you really love its sleek design and want to keep it as a house decoration, which we totally understand.

This pen is an ideal treat for the winter months of the year, complementing the flavors of foods and candies that you’ll be enjoying as Christmas and other major celebrations are approaching. Whereas fruit is typically the flavor that dominates the summer and other hot months, cold and minty flavors are overwhelmingly popular in the colder months. Its mobility is something of note as well, being able to travel with you for use virtually anywhere.

To use the Ignite CBD Spearmint Disposable Vapor Pen, all you have to do is put it up to your lips and inhale. The pen’s auto-activation system is designed to trigger as soon as you do this, delivering a sustained stream of vapor for as long as you are inhaling. There are no buttons that need to be pressed to turn the pen on or off, as some other pens tend to have. This function gives the pen a more streamlined approach and allows it to preserve some of its finite lifespan by only priming itself to work when you activate it, burning through less battery power. Each 3-second pull from the pen will produce a 1-2mg serving of CBD, making it easy to get a sizable serving of CBD in no time at all. To determine how much of the pen’s contents you should consume in one serving, take a 3-second pull and gauge the way that it made you feel. Keep doing this until you reach a point of contentment, and set that as your new serving size.

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