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TropiCBD - CBD Pet Topical - Soothing Balm - 10mg

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This stick of Soothing Pet Balm by TropiCBD has 10mg of full spectrum CBD in every tube. To stick to TropiCBD’s high standards, this product contains only organic ingredients, no additives, no animal testing and is vegan and gluten-free! This is the type of quality that pets need and deserve, and TropiCBD knows that pet owners only want the best for them. 

Harm to your pet’s coat can sometimes be caused from the hair follicles being inflamed. To address the irritations of your beloved animal, apply this balm liberally! The plant-based ingredients possess properties that will help your animal exponentially. This balm is unscented, so nothing will further irritate your pet’s skin. 

This fast-acting formula will leave your furry friend feeling brand-new. Nothing should get in the way between them and fully living their best lives. This product is THC-free, meaning it will not get your animal high in any way! 

To use: remove the cap and lightly apply the balm to areas of discomfort in slow, circular motions. Try patch testing first before going over the entire area. This Soothing Pet Balm is safe to use if your pet is on medications and can be used on all animals, not just dogs.