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Knockout CBD - CBD Soft Gel - Capsule - 30mg

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You wake up with a headache, and not just one of those minor headaches either; you feel like a small tribe is banging against your temple like a ceremonial drum. The day is going to be long, and you will not have time to consume your usual CBD products. Knockout CBD is here to save the day with its 30mg CBD Capsule Pack! While these capsules will not be able to offer relief for your headache, it will provide you with a quick and effective means of consuming CBD that takes minimal time out of your day. Each pack contains 30 individual capsules, and at 30mg per capsule, the pack will provide you with 900mg of high-quality full spectrum CBD in total. Never settle for a CBD-less day again!

These capsules would make a fantastic addition to your desk at work. Whether stored within your desk or placed on top of it for the world to see, they would provide swift effects with no time cost. At work and about to join several meetings in a row? Grab some water and swallow a capsule before you go, or bring a few capsules with you to take them while you are in the meetings. Their appearance is discreet enough that no one would likely think to ask what you were swallowing, assuming that it was a more common type of capsule. The same applies to use of these capsules while out on the go, where you will be able to avoid unwanted attention because of their discreet aesthetic.

The ingredients found in this product make it extra special. Along with a 99% pure full spectrum hemp extract, each capsule contains ingredients that are organic, vegan-friendly and non-GMO, among other things. Every component of the final product has been rigorously lab-tested and is proven to be safe for consumption. The hemp extract was produced through CO2 extraction, which is the most advanced method of extraction currently used by the CBD industry. You are going to love each and every bit of these capsules!