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Social - CBD Tincture - Broad Spectrum Drops Vanilla Mint - 375mg-1500mg

by Social
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Many people will agree that the best meal of the day is dessert, where you are free to enjoy the sugary treats that you are otherwise expected to avoid. Vanilla and mint are two of the most prevalent flavors that you will find in desserts, mainly because of their sweetness and savory attributes. Social CBD’s Vanilla Mint Tincture combines these two flavors into a single, delicious blend of goodness. Each bottle contains 30mL of oil and either 375mg, 750mg or 1500mg of organically-grown CBD hemp extract, depending on the size of the purchased bottle. Each extract is filled with terpenes and other cannabinoids that give added effectiveness to the CBD.

Ever feel like your dessert could use an extra boost of CBD? Now you can freely add CBD to any ice cream or slice of cake and receive all the quality of life improvements that come with it. Since its flavor profile is that of vanilla and mint, it will also blend into your dessert much better than some other flavored tinctures, making it an even more seamless additive. Natural flavoring gives it its sweet taste, and MCT oil ensures that your tincture oil is as bioavailable as possible. Its bottle fits well in any purse or bag, meaning that you can take this product with you anywhere to enjoy its contents at a moment’s notice. 

To use this tincture, fill the dropper attached to the bottle with 1mL of oil, then slowly drip the oil under your tongue. Hold the oil under your tongue for approximately 30-60 seconds before swallowing it to allow for optimal CBD absorption. If you don’t have interest in such a direct method of application, you can also mix the oil into the food or drink of your next meal. To determine your personal serving size, consume 1mL of oil and give the CBD time to be absorbed. Once you have gotten the opportunity to experience CBD’s effects on your body, you can either increase or decrease the amount that you consume with each serving.

Ingredients: Hemp derived CBD extract, fractionated coconut oil (MCT), natural flavors, stevia extract