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Original Hemp - CBD Capsule - Sleep Melatonin - 750mg

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You have had a busy day, your body aches, you have countless deadlines to meet and responsibilities to take care of; sleep is the one of the only things keeping you sane, and is something that your body is craving after days like these. However, try as you may, you can’t get your mind to settle enough for you to fall asleep. You toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position to calm your body and mind, but it is to no avail. Original Hemp’s CBD Sleep Capsules are a feasible solution for you, offering a blend of CBD and other natural ingredients to provide a calmness that will allow sleep to come more quickly. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and 750mg of full spectrum CBD, providing 25mg of CBD for every serving of 2 capsules. 

The secret to these capsules is the inclusion of Pharma-GABA, a product that is biologically identical to the GABAs found naturally in your body. GABAs are an acid that functions as a crucial calming agent for the body, helping you combat mentally and physically crippling emotional states. This calmness is also effective in bringing your mind into a more rested state, preventing you from having to lie in bed with a million thoughts keeping you up. In addition to being effective, this product is also very travel-friendly, fitting in any bag or purse without looking clunky.

The Original Hemp Sleep Capsule does not differ from other non-CBD capsules. Swallow the capsule whole; the use of water is up to you, but is recommended as it will likely help the capsule go down easier. Recommended serving size is two capsules, taken at whatever time of day that you deem fit. In order to determine your personal serving size, take the recommended serving and focus on the effects the CBD has on your body.