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Sanar - CBD Tincture - Unflavored Isolate - 250mg-2500mg

by Sanar
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Tinctures have become a much more common method of enjoying the effects of CBD in recent years, and plenty of users savor the mild yet inviting taste of a flavored CBD tincture. However, those who don’t tend to go for flavors that can overpower their palate – or those who like to play mix-and-match with assorted blends – should try Sanar’s new Unflavored CBD Tincture. This product is designed for use throughout the day, afternoon or night. It contains no THC or any other psychoactive stimulant that might leave you with a superfluous buzz. It’s also perfect for adding to your morning coffee or even to a nightly meal, if you feel so inclined. Available in four separate sizes (250mg – 2500mg). This product is non-GMO and alcohol-free. Comes with a graduated drop-topper designed for maximum distribution accuracy.