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Sanar - CBD Soft Gel - Anxiety Isolate - 10mg-30mg

by Sanar
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Sometimes you don’t have time to consume a dropper full of CBD Tincture oil. Other times, it might simply be too early in the day for the sweet taste of a powerful CBD gummy. In these instances, what is a cannabidiol lover to do? Sanar’s CBD Soft Gel Capsules, containing CBD isolate explicitly engineered for increased bioavailability and ease of use. These fast-acting gel caps are ideal for morning consumption, although they can be taken at any point during the day. The cannabidiol isolate in these gel capsules is 99.9% pure, and is intended to address a number of discomforts that you experience through the course of a day. This product also contains high-quality medium chain triglyceride oil, and comes in a compact, handy twist-off bottle that you can carry in your purse or gym bag.