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AndHemp - CBD Oil Pain Spray - Relief - 300mg-500mg

by AndHemp
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Whether you are an athlete, a gym rat or a soccer mom with a rigorous daily driving routine, pain in your arms and legs is going to occur. Instead of worrying over this fact, you can take matters into your own hands and dictate how you want to feel. AndHemp’s CBD Pain Oil Spray may offer assistance in relieving some of the joint and muscle pains that you encounter in your daily life. This bottle contains 60mL and either 300mg or 500mg of Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate, depending on the size of the purchased bottle. The smaller bottle is recommended for those who have lower levels of pain, while the larger bottle is recommended for those with a greater need for pain relief.

The spray is a perfect post-game recovery remedy for athletes. After hours spent practicing and putting their bodies on the line during the game, joint and muscle pains are to be expected. Pain can linger in athletes who don’t allow their bodies the proper amount of time to recover. AndHemp’s pain spray may help to reduce the aches and soreness that are felt during and beyond this recovery period. Similarly, gym aficionados are well aware that when you work out, the muscles in your body require dormant time to rebuild themselves, and ignoring this requirement can result in pain and the potential for serious injuries. This product may provide assistance to your body at this time.

The spray is very easy to operate, requiring only that you apply it over aching body parts and rub gently to encourage faster absorption. A soothing menthol scent will help to put your mind at ease as the spray supports your body. Personal serving size is subjective. In order to determine what you require, focus on the effect that one spray has on your body, and adjust future helpings accordingly.

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