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TropiCBD - CBD Pet Edible - Pumpkin Dog Treats - 4mg

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Give your pup the opportunity to try this delicious and mouth-watering pumpkin treat. The heart-shaped biscuit clearly shows how much love TropiCBD put in to keep your precious pet safe and happy! Loaded with antioxidants and THC-free, these pumpkin dog treats are going to be a hit! 

Other than the CBD, the fresh ingredients chosen coincide with great benefits we know dog and dog owners alike can appreciate. The organic pumpkin-puree is a great source of fiber to help your furry friend go regularly and feel better. The touch of organic molasses doubles as a sweetener and is packed with minerals and nutrients such as Iron, Calcium and Magnesium! So these are certainly guilt-free treats!

This vegan and gluten-free biscuit is also made in the USA. Pumpkin Flavor Dog Treats are safe to use if your dog is on medications and can be fed to dogs of any size! Your pup is going to be so excited once this treat becomes a staple in your household. You’ll be relieved too, because finally there’s a product that your dog loves that contains a wealth of nutrients.

Suggested use of this product: If you pup is under 15 pounds, we recommend a quarter of the treat. If your dog is 15-50 pounds, give them half the treat. If you dog is 50 pounds or more, throw them the whole treat!

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