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Ignite CBD - CBD Disposable Vape - Pink Chill - 250mg

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Vapor pens can be used practically at any location and at any time, and the reasons for their use are just as varied. Some people simply enjoy the flavor and serving of CBD, while others use it as a means of satisfying their need to fidget. Sometimes, a vape pen is just being used to chill out after a long, tiring day. We’ve all had those days where we get home and it feels like our bodies are about to fall apart. Ignite CBD’s Pink Chill Disposable Vapor Pen offers a blend of banana and berry flavors that are light and smooth in both taste and aroma, encouraging more relaxed feelings. Each tank contains 250mg of broad spectrum CBD, and while you can’t refill this pen, you can rest easy knowing that every pull from it is extra strong. 

The Pink Chill pen is perfect for use at home in the later hours of the day. What better way to wind down after hours of physical and mental exercise than with a blast of smooth berry and banana flavors? The soft taste of fruit will remind you of a well-crafted fruit smoothie, and the cloud that you produce will possess a soothing scent to put your mind at ease. 

This pen possesses an auto-draw system, meaning that you can activate it at any time by inhaling from it. Button activation is a thing of the past, at least as far as Ignite CBD’s pens are concerned. This function gives the pen a more streamlined approach and allows it to preserve some of its finite lifespan by only priming itself to work when you activate it, burning through less  battery power. Every 3-second pull from this pen will result in you consuming approximately 1-2mg of CBD, so be aware that you will not need to use this pen as frequently as others to achieve the effects that you desire. Determine your personal serving size through trial and error, feeling out the effects that each use has on your body.