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Petal - CBD Tincture - Unflavored - 500mg

by Petal
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If you prefer your CBD Tincture bereft of an overpowering flavor and completely THC-free, check out this brand new unflavored tincture from Petal. This product is comprised of pure cannabidiol blend made with totally uncontaminated medium chain triglyceride oil derived from fresh coconuts (or coconut oil, to be precise). This odorless, taste-free tincture is to be taken orally – specifically, under the tongue, so that it is absorbed, and then acts quickly. It also acts as a fine additive with your beverage of choice – try a splash of it in your tea or morning joe. You can also take it by itself, if that’s your speed. Simply load up the full dropper (16.6 mg cannabidiol) and ingest once or twice a day in accordance with your body’s needs. This product is derived from pure cannabidiol isolate extracted from industrial-grade, American-grown hemp.

Ingredients: MCT Oil (pure fractionated coconut oil), Pure CBD (cannabidiol), Flavoring