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TropiCBD - CBD Pet Tincture - 500mg

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Owners who use CBD know their dogs need the same lifestyle benefits. At TropiCBD, we don’t believe owners should have to choose between nutrition and CBD content in their tinctures. You’re in luck; this tincture is packed full of various nutrients! Adding drops of this product from TropiCBD into your pup’s daily routine is easy and smart. You’ll soon find how seamless this new daily routine can become! Put as many drops as you feel is best on top of your pup’s food or treats. Now mealtime can be even more fun for your furry friend! Additionally, you can place droplets directly under your dog’s tongue. Don’t worry, this tincture will not get your pup high!

The TropiCBD Oil has 500mg of full spectrum CBD in every 1oz bottle. This CBD oil works with dogs of all sizes! Every ingredient in this bottle is organic and natural. The pet tincture is safe to use if your dog is on medications. It is water-soluble and packed with antioxidants your pet will love! Before giving your furry friend this product, make sure to read and understand the directions below.

Serving size directions are as follows: Smaller pups that are under 40 pounds should begin with ¼ mL and larger dogs that are 40 pounds or more should start with ½ mL. *Remember to split these servings between morning and night and see how your pet reacts. Add this tincture to any food or under their tongue. Remember to store in a cool and dark place to keep the bottle fresh for as long as possible!